About Us

About V-Meds

V-Med Labs specializes in pharmaceuticals for wellness and anti-aging, with a core focus on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Company Origin

V-Med Labs was founded in 2017 andis based in Shanghai in the Peoples Republic of China. V-Med Labs is a sister company of Nomad Labs that was founded 22 years ago. The same founding members of Nomad Labs also founded V-Med Labs. The contact details for Nomad Labs are as follows www.nomadlab.cn and www.nomadlab.hk 

Mission Statement

V-Med Labs supply pharmaceuticals to assist people in wellness and anti-ageing. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is at the core of our business.  

General Info and core business

The products supplied by V-Med Labs will assist in many aspects pertaining to wellness. From reduction of body fat to regeneration of cells. Rebuilding muscle cells, regenerating skin cells, and increasing bone density. 

As we grow older our hormone production as well as cell regeneration decrease. The products supplied by V-Med Labs will return your hormone levels to where it was when you were a young healthy adult. By increasing your testosterone, growth hormone and even thyroid hormone levels we negate the decrease. The goal is to increase health span and not only life span.

Please note that the products supplied by Ciccone Pharma will not be permitted in competitive sport. 

If you are a competitive athlete, you will have to adhere to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) regulations of banned substances in sport. 

The products supplied are aimed at older working professionals who are health conscious and want to increase their quality of life by looking and feeling younger and stronger for longer. The lifestyle we promote combines exercise and a healthy diet. This protocol will add healthy years to your life. Most of the products we use to increase cell regeneration will increase your performance in sport and is banned by the IOC.